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Debt Protection Provisions are a specialty of The Financial Group. In fact, we’re the industry leader in this innovative payment/loan cancellation protection that’s just begun in the last two years to replace Credit Life Insurance for savvy lenders looking for a competitive edge, fee generation and improved customer service.

Debt Protection Provisions (DPP) are not insurance products. They are addenda to loan documents that provide, for a fee, protection for the borrower(s) to make required payments, repay a debt or maintain a healthy credit rating in the event of covered life altering events. A recommended "start up" DPP Program would include the following provisions:

  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Disability
  • Family Leave
  • Survivor/Death

These Provisions can be packaged or bundled to create customer appeal and pricing affordability.
Fewer decisions for the borrower = more sales.
Debt Protection Provisions and Packages can be custom tailored for your lending institution.

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The Financial Group: the industry leader in DPP services. Come this way for details of the turnkey DPP we’ve created for our partner lenders and the services our DPP program provides for your lending institution.
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How can your institution better serve your customers, gain a competitive edge, increase loan profitability and generate fee revenue? Find out why DPP is more than just a replacement for Credit Life Insurance.

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