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Attention Lending Institutions!

What if... you could guarantee that your foreclosures and delinquencies would decrease and your loan loss reserves lowered, at no cost to you?

What if a provision could be added to your borrower's loans that would relieve them of the responsibility of making loan payments in times of financial crisis?

What if this provision generated fee income and substantially increases the loan yield?

What if this could be offered to new and existing consumer loans, lines of credit, HELOC's, mortgage loans, small business loans and indirect portfolios.

What if you could transfer 100% of the risk when your borrowers' loan payments are cancelled or waived?

What is it? Debt Protection Provisions (DPP)

Protection...DPP helps the lender and borrower manage the risk of a borrower's inability to make loan payments due to a financial hardship. If you are looking for an opportunity to generate non-interest fee income, better protect your loan portfolio and reduce delinquencies and charge-offs while providing your borrowers with a higher level of service then look no further.

Peace of mind...DPP provides security for the common life events that prohibit borrowers from being able to meet their debt obligations, as well as, strengthens your loan quality and provide fee income. For the first time you have a product to offer new and existing borrowers that meets both their and your needs.

Revenue...with revenue streams drying up and profits being squeezed from all directions DPP offers a new source of non-interest fee income. Many lenders are seeing loan profitability increasing 50% and more with the addition of DPP.

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