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Q: What is the purpose of DPPnet?

DPPnet is a turn-key web-based system for complete administration of a lender’s Debt Protection Provisions brought to you by the Financial Group. The system is utilized by the Lender to quote DPP fees, generate necessary addendums and disclosures, automatically enroll customers into DPP program and manage reports about a Lender’s overall DPP initiative. In addition, the DPPnet provides clients with real-time access to benefit activations information processed by the Administrator.

Q: How does DPPnet work?

DPPnet works by providing clients access to a complete system for DPP management over the Internet. The user will need an Internet browser (IE 6.0 and above) and point it to


Q: How secure is DPPnet?

DPPnet security is provided to clients by utilizing the latest technologies available. The application security meets or exceeds the standards for any online Lending application. DPPnet uses VeriSign digital certificates for strong SSL 128 bit encryption, custom designed user-IDs and passwords, and is protected by state-of-the-art firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Our data center is a SAS 70 Type II certified facility. It has 24/7/365 physical security and video-surveillance monitoring of system and network infrastructure. Biometric palm scans control physical access for entry. Military-grade pass card system is used in addition to biometrics. Climate controlled environment provided by redundant HVAC systems and gas-based fire suppression systems.


Q: How reliable is DPPnet?

DPPNet resides at SAS 70 Type II certified facility. This is a state-of-the-art data center with redundant internet connections, multiple power supplies, 24/7/365 monitoring, dedicated security and incident response team. The Financial Group can guarantee 99.99% uptime of the application.


Q: How does a Lender transmit new customers who became enrolled into DPPnet?

DPPnet eliminates any monthly/daily downloads of new business by providing real-time enrollment into TFG’s databases when the loan officers generate addendums and disclosures. With a click of a single button, the record of enrollment is instantly transferred to TFG with no programming required by the Lender.


Q: How does a Lender transmit status changes (ie, cancellation, change of package, etc) on customer loans?

DPPnet allows authorized Lending personnel to look-up customer records and instantly cancel their enrollment, change status, etc.


Q: How does a Lender transmit payment files to the Financial Group?

DPPnet allows authorized lender personnel to securely upload a text or excel file containing payments into DPPnet payment upload area. The process of uploading is as simple as attaching a file to an email. The payment file should contain only four fields:

  1. Loan Number
  2. Customer SSN
  3. DPP Fee collected
  4. Date Payment Posted


Q: How does a Lender know how much profit they have earned from DPP?

DPPnet shows a very simple Reconciliation and Profit Distribution Report online and real-time.


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